Avoid energy bill panics

By Roger Hunt l December 23, 2013

As winter closes in we’re getting ready to face the dullest, darkest weather the climate can throw our way. And there’s more bad news for those inclined to reach for the thermostat at the first sign of seasonal chill. Several of Britain’s biggest electricity providers have announced eye-watering price rises, even though wholesale costs of…

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Energy saving LEDs

By Roger Hunt l December 3, 2013

The quality of light has fascinated me since my days at drama school. I trained in technical theatre and saw how changes to the colour and intensity of light can be used to dramatic effect on stage. Lighting has come a long way since then and, in the home, we’ve moved on from the basic…

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Breathability, airtightness, ventilation

By Roger Hunt l November 28, 2013

When it comes to old buildings and making them energy efficient there’s one very important point to understand: old buildings work in a different way to modern buildings. Old solid wall buildings – whether medieval timber-framed houses or Edwardian terraces – are designed to allow a degree of moisture penetration into their structure. But, and…

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Energy saving control

By Roger Hunt l November 13, 2013

Not so long ago home automation was just a fancy way of saying a home had a cabled music system with loudspeakers hidden in the ceilings. Not any more. Today the feel-good factor of buying a home equipped with the latest technology is as much about saving energy as relaxing to a melody. Yes, there’s…

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