Roger Hunt regularly lectures and speaks at shows and events including the National Homebuilding & Renovating Show, Ecobuild, Grand Designs Live, the National Home Improvement Show and for the UK Green Building Council, CITB Construction Skills Northern Ireland and SPAB.

Retrofitting Domestic Properties: Afternoon Seminar, 9 November 2016, City Hall, Cathays Park, Cardiff

Led by Marianne Suhr and Roger Hunt, the authors of Old House Eco Handbook, this half day seminar for professionals will provide an essential understanding of the issues associated with retrofitting sold wall, pre-1919 properties.

Provided by the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB), the seminar will look at how such buildings can be made energy efficient and low carbon without devaluing their character or future sustainability. Issues such as breathability, interstitial condensation and air tightness, together with appropriate insulation and ventilation will be considered. A brief overview of the latest building science will be backed by practical advice and examples of best practice – including how improvements can be made to the thermal performance of windows, walls, roofs and floors – as well as the importance of understanding how climate change may impact our built heritage.Though the focus is on domestic properties, some of the approaches discussed in the seminar will be applicable to other types of solid-wall building.

This seminar will count towards 4.5 hours of CPD. For more information contact the SPAB.

Old House Eco Course, 26 November 2016, Guildhall, Bath

With rising energy bills and the wish to cut carbon emissions high on many people’s personal agenda, the need for sustainable, energy efficient buildings is increasingly urgent.

Join the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings (SPAB) to learn how to make your home – whether it is medieval and timber-framed, Georgian, Victorian or Edwardian, detached or terrace – energy efficient and low carbon without devaluing the future sustainability or character of the building.

Led by Roger Hunt and Marianne Suhr, the Old House Eco Course will be relevant primarily for owners of period properties (pre-1919), but also for professionals who may need to brief their clients on improving the energy efficiency of their homes. For more information contact the SPAB.